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Our Overseer

Apostle Daniel J. Biggs, received his Doctor of Divinity in 2006. He was honorably discharged after serving 4 years in the United States Navy. Apostle Biggs has owned 3 retail businesses and was employed for 10 years at the State Bank of Dixon in Dixon, Missouri as a Senior Vice President and Loan Department Supervisor.

Apostle Biggs pioneered a church in Dixon which began with only 8 members but in time grew into a congregation of nearly 200. After ministering in a store- front building for 4 years the Lord graciously built a state-of- the art church building on 4 acres of land in Dixon which is still very active in Dixon to this day. After serving the congregation of The Family Church, Pastor Biggs resigned and moved to St. Robert, Missouri to pioneer another work which was named, New Beginnings Revival Center. Once again, the beginning was difficult and there were only a handful of people but in time the Lord again showed His faithfulness and the church purchased 5 acres of land and built its current church building in 2001. Since the construction of the main sanctuary, a Youth Center, Parsonage and a 12, 000 square foot Education Center/Day Care has been built as well as purchasing a two family, two story apartment building, which is called Ministry Housing.

Over the years, God has blessed the ministry of Pastor and First Lady Biggs and has added “many souls” to the NBRC family. Even today, the Biggs’ remain in close contact to many, many of former parishioners and will always be “pastor” to them. It’s always been the desire of Apostle Biggs to “teach the Word of God” and
from this God-given assignment, the church has built a strong ministry of teaching God’s Word and “equipping the saints.” There have been hundreds of students studying in such classes as School of Prophets;  Ministry #101 and Market Place Ministry. {School of Prophets will begin its 13th year in January of 2018}

In 2016, Apostle and First Lady Biggs transitioned from the office of Pastor into the office of the Apostle and installed Pastors Mickey and Caprice Law, former Pastors of NBRC-Hawaii as the Pastors. The Biggs now live in Springfield, Missouri and attend “The Hope Church” but still accept ministry invitations.

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